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Pizza Miuta

Pizza Miuta

It is delicious and very tempting.

  • WHEAT:
  • 300g flour,
  • 1/2cub yeast,
  • a teaspoon of sugar,
  • a little salt,
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • moss files,
  • semi-raw summer salami,
  • cabanos,
  • canned mushrooms,
  • mozzarella,
  • sweet ketchup,
  • a red donut,
  • oregano

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes


Knead the ingredients for the countertop and leave to rise for 30 minutes.

Grease 2 trays with olive oil and divide the dough into two trays. Arrange the salami, fillet muscle, cabanos and mushrooms on top of the dough. oven 30 min. on the right heat after 5 minutes on high heat to brown nicely.

Giani Kirita, a thousand with her children

During the few days spent in Romania, the captain of the Turkish Ankaraguku team, Giani Kirita, returned to Dinamo, where he performed two physical training sessions in red and white equipment, to which he called his children, Marco and Roxana.

Last week, Giani Kirita, who has been playing in Turkey since 2003, spent three days at home in Bucharest with her children, Roxana (9 years old) and Marco (5 years old). Because he can't afford a day without at least two hours of training, Giani Kirita asked those who take care of Dinamo Stadium since the time he played for this team to allow him access to the field.

Marco and Roxana accompanied the footballer to the trainings performed on Dinamo, after their father had previously shown them the locker room where for 6 seasons he lived the most intense moments of his career. Giani is happy that at a very young age his boy inherited his football talent. & # 8216Marco gives very well with the left, unlike me, who are right-handed. I leave him for a few more years as a child, after which I will send him to the football school of the Dinamo club. Roxana, being very beautiful, I think she will become a model & # 8217, Giani Kirita confessed to us.

He thought about the national team

Although in Turkey he arouses in each of his evolutions the admiration and respect of both his coach from Ankaraguku and the specialists from this country, Giani Kirita does not arouse the interest of those who lead the Romanian national football team. This is a subject from which Giani thought, he resigned himself to the selections he collected for the national team between 2000 and 2001.

He tattooed the little ones' names on his abdomen

The love for little ones Marco and Roxana determined Giani to tattoo their name on their abdomen, along with the word & # 8216Forever & # 8217, which in English means & # 8216For Forever & # 8217. Giani is living a love story after he divorced at the end of last year.

Pizza Miuta - Recipes

why my countertop hardens on the bottom. otherwise it's ok
I leave the fire fast, and put the tray in the middle
am I wrong somewhere?

how good it looks! that fluffy countertop makes me want a little slice too!

Appetizing, dangerous, delicious for the greedy. I think I can steal the recipe, of course.

Sure you do. How did it turn out for you?

this pizza looks divine, I will make the recipe too
my email [email protected]

Very appetizing! I know what to expect my husband tonight!
[email protected]

They and my family love pizza and here I found some excellent and tasty pizza ideas that I will try.
[email protected]

I don't really like it. as if it was better to make 4-5 pizzas with a round top of 30 than on the tray. Appearance is important, not just taste. : p
[email protected]

It worked better with 4-5 countertops than on the tray.
[email protected]

My little girl is a big fan of pizza, she looks great.

You made delicious pizza here! A whole tray just for you? I want to taste a bit too :) I just wanted to look at the pictures :)
[email protected]

Appetizing no joke. Pizza is to everyone's liking and a good recipe is the way to the hearts of loved ones. Here we find ideas and tricks for perfect dishes. I personally am delighted with the blog and pleasantly impressed by the variety and accuracy of recipes. , cooking becomes a pleasant occupation, with less stress and less risks, and the dishes come out, implicitly, tastier. It is logical: the more confident you feel, the sooner success will appear. That is why a LITTLE RECIPES DIRECTOR is WELCOME. THANK YOU.

It looks super good! Who is Grasu64?

Thanks! I'm fat64.

Honestly, my opinion is that it looks very good but I prefer a round pizza, I will try your recipe in a 30cm round tray. I think your blog is very helpful for everyone, many of your recipes are easy to make and very quick to eat :(. We are waiting for new recipes. Ioana & gt [email protected]

It looks wonderful, I like pizza anyway, unfortunately I never made it, but you convinced me to try it because it's such a delicious and very good idea with such a great pizza !!
A creative day !!

Nely`s Blog

mustard seeds
Bay leaves

Put a few slices of onion in a 720 gr jar and then place the well-washed cucumbers. Put 1 teaspoon full of salt, 2 teaspoons sugar, 5 peppercorns, 1 teaspoon mustard seeds and a bay leaf. Pour vinegar (uncooked) about a finger and a half (up to the stripe seen on the jars in the picture below), then top with cold water over the cucumbers. Staple the jars well and sterilize for about 15 minutes from the moment the water starts to boil. When they are ready to cook, take them out, put them in a thick blanket and keep them until they cool, then place them in the pantry. Good luck with that!


Mom, she looks good! Last week I had a jam program, so little by little, for pancakes, otherwise we are not very fond of jam. I wanted to ask you about the proportion: how many kg did you take and how many jars did you lose. Is the final taste sour or a little sweet? .. because if I understood correctly from what you said, it's basically finger water and the net is vinegar right ?? Thanks a lot

Lira, thank you! . I saw your sweets and I appreciate your diligence. I hope to start with jams, jams next week. We don't kill ourselves with them either, I also make cakes. As you can see in the picture with the jars with that white stripe on the bottom, vinegar is put on a finger and a half and the difference is full with water. If you click on the picture, it will enlarge and look better. The taste is sour and it keeps very well. I had 8 kg of cucumbers and I got 1 l and a little vinegar. I got 19 jars of 720 gr. If
There's something else waiting for your message. A good day!

Mom, how hard my head is, I understood exactly the opposite! Now I saw the stripes on the jars, as far as the vinegar is actually. I think I'll put some according to your recipe. I'll let you know if I post. You have some inviting country recipes, just like the blog. increase in cooking. Kiss you.

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63 comments to Haioș

They look good, but they are not the most beautiful I have seen / eaten. Experts come out even more folded, the sheets are thinner

Ma'am, I've posted more than 1,000 recipes on this site to help people. If any of my readers want to specialize in a particular recipe, they are free to do so and it will be my joy if it works better than me. I should become an "expert" in too many things, which is practically impossible, in addition, I don't even want the title of "funny expert" :)). It's really hilarious.

in my house they are called SMER CHIFLE ,.

the jokes were indispensable at Christmas and I miss them a lot, is there a replacement for health because I have nowhere to buy it?

Thanks for posting. Very nice Rezept. Congratulations !!
I ate when I was little and it was excellent. I want you to do it now.
Just a question: what is raw, ground bone?
Maybe you have time and give feedback.

I ate Haios with honey. It 's very good

I want to ask you Mrs. Laura if you can not grease the first dough directly with osanza without making dough from it and what is the difference between osanza, butter and lard in the case of this recipe

do only the tops of the triangles stick or the sides?

It sticks all around, otherwise the jam comes out when baked.

They really are very good. My grandmother (God rest her) also made them and called them pies with cheese or jam, only she put 3 whole eggs, and instead of baking soda and water she used yeast and soda or mineral water to make sure the pies came out spectacular as volume and appearance.

Can margarine be used instead of lard? and if so, does the quantity still remain 600 g?

Diana, the quintessential haois is a cake with osanza, that's why it's called that, in Hungarian haj = osanza. I would not recommend making it with margarine, which is suitable for one taken like the French one, the preparation method can be found here: -din-foietaj.html

Our grandmother was funny, we loved her madly. I am very glad that I found the recipe on your blog because I want to try to make it in his memory. Where is the bone?

Try at a butcher, if you talk to the butchers they will surely sell you, even if they don't have one at the moment, they will tell you when to come for the osanza.

it looks good, so I'm waiting to do it too: D: D: D


Childhood memories (actually many of this site's recipes) & # 8230 :)
I used to make (and) funny holidays at my mother's house. In our country, there was another kneading stage in which we kneaded the dough until it made blisters. I don't know if it's useful for anything, I think it's a good way to relax after a harder day at work, etc & # 8230 :)
And then the real reward & # 8211 the final product!

Congratulations for the wonderful recipe of funny Banat, Transylvanian, the stages were meticulously explained, as at school, I never imagined that I would find such a detailed description of a cake (hard to make)! Special thanks and appreciation to the author

wow, they look great, I also had mankt when I was a child, I used to make a lovely aunt and they were delicious, now I will try them too.

I made them too and they turned out wonderful! They are worth all the effort. Thanks for the recipe and for the detailed explanations! By the way, the renewal of the site is very successful.

I am very happy to be well!

I didn't think I would be able to make puff pastry dough but I was wrong, I don't want to brag but it came out phenomenal, it grew, it broke into sheets and I can't tell you the taste is delicious, I'll try the one with margarine

Little tricks to make your jokes really envied:
1. Try to knead with beer, instead of water or mineral water, they will come out much fluffier and with a special aroma, which completely covers the smell or taste of lard
2. When you spread the sheets to fill them with the dough, keep the direction of the packaging every time & # 8230, this results in a dough with many, many sheets
3. When you cut the dough to form squares, heat the knife blade so that the edges will not stick and the dough will bloom very nicely in the oven, like French dough
4. Use a thick jam for the filling, so you will avoid it flowing from the hay & # 8230if the jam flows, it will burn and become bitter & # 8230you can also use the pieces of shit
5.Place the funny ones in the tray all with the opening towards the oven door..the currents inside will favor their opening & # 8230if you want to try this, you can put one upside down, and you will notice that it will not bloom & # 8222
..To have the appetite and to delight your loved ones with this wonderful recipe!

hmmmmmmmmm, haioss. in our country it is kneaded with soda or mineral water..not with water)

they are super flour! I made according to a much simpler recipe Vinegar 2 tablespoons flour 500 gr an egg yolk and salt and 200 ml warm water dough then greased with lard mixed with flour and greased the dough above. And twisted like a funny 3 or in various ways
Good appetite For Romanian cake

in the united states crisco can be used instead of osinza & # 8230. ies perfect!

Don't need vinegar? I found osanza! Now I do these, because since I read this recipe I have no peace.


Laura, please tell me if it works with melted osanza, I only have fresh osanza at all and I would really like to make the joke. I didn't try without asking your advice because I wish the success of this recipe.

Felicia, don't go with melted lard (from any fat you melt lard, osanza or raw bacon, all the lard comes out). It's too fluid, it can't come out well, the osanza is much more consistent.

how can we weigh the ground if we don't have a scale?

I could not answer this question :)

I also made the funny one, it was very good in taste but they didn't grow as I would have liked, it's true that I spread the dough quite thin, or maybe the oven is to blame. # 8221 I kept the lard in the freezer to make it once again. Maybe next time it will grow better

I hope you used the big stitch, osanza, not the melted one. I'm glad they have you
pleasant. be well, make sure the oven is well heated when they
put, after that, possibly reduce the fire, after they grow well.

Look at this picture carefully, this is how it comes with folding in two on the longest line. :) Good luck!

Then it folds on the middle line, as if a book were closing. It is packed once more, in length, in two. funny for new year..thanks in advance and the recipe mc looks sensational

Gabriela, the ground osanza is by no means melted (then it would be lard, which has a completely different consistency). Osanza must be raw and cold, ground through the machine to grind it very finely. You can fill them with anything you want, of course. Success!

Mia, you can't put lard instead of osanza, it doesn't behave the same. These cakes are made with osanza, hence their name, hai = osanza in Hungarian.

Hi, this is a super recipe, I would like to try it too, but I don't understand how the ground is melted?
Can I fill the triangles with a poppy seed filling (like the one for the cake)? Or can they be prepared only with jam?
I look forward to your reply
Thank you, dear Gabriela

I have a question, please: can I put lard instead of chopped osinza? That I have lard, but osinza & # 8230
Thanks, Mia

4 vegetarian pizza recipes

1. Pizza with mushrooms and cream cheese

What if you made your own homemade pizza from scratch? We show you how to prepare your own dough for the countertop and how to cook the composition for topping. The latter will be a sauté of brown and white mushrooms with bell peppers. Our pizza will also have an edge filled with cream cheese. You may like it more than the pizza you bought.

2. Pizza with apple and cheese

Apple pizza? If you lingered on this recipe, it must have attracted your attention! Even if it doesn't seem like the most common combination of ingredients, that doesn't mean we can't try new tastes. This pizza is very easy to make and is a good opportunity to see how well the sweet and salty flavors combine.

3. Pizza with cream, onion and nettles

We like homemade pizza so much that we make it regularly. This one can be considered more special. Due to its ingredients, it is more Romanian and more springy. You can do it even more fasting, if you replace the classic cream with the one made from soy milk.

4. Pizza with tofu and marinara sauce

How about a meatless pizza, but with a generous topping with marinara sauce, corn, zucchini and tofu? We are declared fans of homemade pizza and we want to bring you to our camp. You control the quality of the ingredients, you add that personal note, and we give you the steps to follow.

Bonus. - Classic pizza dough

Isn't it good to know how to make a pizza yourself with what you want? Of course yes, especially since it's not hard either. But first you need to know how to make a simple pizza dough. You just need a little time and patience. Follow the steps and you will find out.

Sergiu Sechelariu swore at an African, in a simple shit

Held in dog weather, the duel of the teams led by Adrian Enache versus Sergiu Sechelariu (Secretary of State at the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Spatial Planning, brother of the legendary mayor of Bacau, Dumitru) resulted in the victory of the latter, with the score of 3- 2. As in any confrontation, the nominees for the evening show were Sechelariu (photo), who found his map with the exotic composer from Guinea, Kamera. The two "flattered" each other until the end of the match. In the wake of the competition, the brave successor of Stephen the Great defended the ground he had to share with his opponents, responding imperial: “When you are a secretary, then insult me. The conflict was suppressed by the spontaneity of his teammates, the team that had the generic name of Savinex: "Come on, secretary, don't worry, you're not at the office now. The spirit of the turf, which was triumphed by Adrian Enache, Pepe, Aurelian Temisan, and on behalf of the hosts, Dragos Benea (deputy mayor of Bacau) and the former goalkeeper of Otel Galati, Emanoil Savin, dissolved in the aftermath of the match.
Denied by tennis players, Seche and Kamera signed an armistice, the African singing to them (especially because he found out about the functions of his quarrel partner at ANL), "Our house. in a French, which is true, African dish.

Jilava detainees have been dealing with former drug users

Tight match, yesterday morning, in Grădiştea commune from Ilfov county! Nine detainees from Jilava Penitentiary left their cells in the dark for a few hours and hit the ball on a football field. Their opponents were a few young, former drug users, who are now making another path in life, helped by the species & shyliş & shytii from the Residential Rehabilitation Center of the "Teen Challenge" Organization.

Marian, Petre, Laurenţiu, Marian, Constantin, Marian, Viorel, Valentin and Daniel, ie the red-blue team of Jilava Penitentiary, faced, yesterday, the team of the Residential Center of the Organization & # 8222Teen Challenge & # 8221, formed by Vali , Cătălin, Cornel, Dan, Bebe, Dan, Dani, Doru and Dani. Early in the morning, the nine detainees, convicted of robbery or theft, were properly equipped and, eager to prove their talent, went to Grădiştea commune, Ilfov county, for the football match. Despite the desire to defeat their hosts, the detainees lost the competition with the young people from the center, with the score of 13-8.

The inmates scored 13 goals

The event is part of a program initiated earlier this month with detainees serving sentences openly and behaving well in order to reintegrate into society. "Together with the Teen Challenge we carry out educational, cultural, artistic and sports activities, and the organization's volunteers offer counseling and support for convicts who will be released and have no opportunities for reintegration into the community," said Cristian Păduraru, spokesman. of the Jilava Penitentiary.

Preparation for the daisy pizza recipe:

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First of all, the dough is made from only 5 ingredients, according to the simple instructions here: classic pizza dough.

The sauce is extremely important for the success of the final taste. So it is preferable not to put ketchup or broth on fasting pizza. Make a quick and tasty sauce, according to the recipe here: marinara sauce.

For the filling you can use absolutely any vegetable you like and you have around the house, not only the ones listed above. Without fear, it can't help but be tasty!

Spread the top and put the sauce on top. Put the desired vegetables over. You can either put the tofu cheese on the grater or put it in slices / cubes. It doesn't taste the same as normal cheese, of course, but its flavor helps with the final flavor of the fasting pizza.

Pizza Miuta - Recipes

  • red pizza sauce
  • mozzarella
  • spicy sausages
  • red hot peppers
  • oregano
  • 300 g flour
  • 30 g butter
  • 150 ml of warm milk
  • 25 g of yeast
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

Rub the yeast with the sugar, add 100 ml of lukewarm milk, 120 g of flour, mix and leave to rise for 15 minutes in a warm place, covered with a clean towel. Then add the rest of the milk, egg, melted butter, flour and knead for 5 minutes. Allow to rise until it doubles in volume, in a bowl sprinkled with flour and covered with a clean towel. Take it from the bowl, place it on the table sprinkled with flour, knead it a little so as not to have big air bubbles and spread it with the rolling pin in a layer of 5-7 mm thickness, which is placed in the greased pizza tray. previously with butter. Pizza with fluffy dough bakes more slowly, we will keep it longer in the oven, but it is easier to prepare in the oven of the stove. grease the pizza top with tomato sauce, sprinkle with mozzarella, sliced ​​spicy sausages, slices of hot pepper peeled and pitted oregano, bake for 10 to 35 minutes, depending on the type of oven.

Video: Pizza Calzone Topli sendvič za 25 minuta na tanjuru - Sašina kuhinja (January 2022).