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06.08.2011, 13:56

Is guvidele the fish we all enjoy on the beach? , small, crunchy and served with lemon juice?
What a craving you made me, Ioneloooooooooo ... I think I'll take something out of the freezer too, like no other ... and I'll put some polenta

The classic recipe for south-fried sleep

Due to the fact that they thrive in a variety of conditions and climates, canal catfish is the most fished and most farmed species in the United States, and 94% of farm-raised catfish come from the southern states of Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. According to the Catfish Institute, the industry has about 10,000 people and contributes more than $ 4 billion to each state's economy. A good thing for the south.

A Lean fish

And a good thing for us is that sleep is lean and low in saturated fat. Fish is also a good source of polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids. A light and versatile fish, catfish can be used in most dishes that require a delicate, white fish, and is perfect when fried with a cornmeal crust.

A traditional accompaniment to southern fried sleep is the waisty puppies, small onion-flavored onion dumplings, which are a discontinental dish in the south. If you serve them with your sleep, follow the included instructions to cook simultaneously.

Fried duck breast recipe with salad

For fried duck breast, all you need is salt, pepper, garlic, olive oil and a few green spices, which you have at hand ... rosemary, thyme, sage. And a wok-type pan, non-stick.

For salad, you will like any kind of leaves, seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Above, parmesan flakes.

Allow the duck breast to warm to room temperature. Wash it and dry it with paper towels. With a sharp knife, cut the fat, obliquely (not the length, not the width of the chest). Season it with salt.

Heat the pan over medium heat. When hot, add a tablespoon of olive oil and duck breast, skin / fat down. Medium to high heat. Boil it over low heat, burn it over high heat. Add a few cloves of crushed garlic and the aromatics, whole branches, without chopping them. Leave the duck breast on the fire for about five minutes then turn. Leave for a minute to brown slightly and turn again, with the fat down. Using a spoon, & # 8220dress & # 8221 your chest with the fat from the pan for another minute or two. Remove the breast to a hot plate, season with salt and pepper and let it rest for ten minutes, at least 5. Cut it into thin slices and season again with salt and pepper to taste.

In the recipe for fried duck breast with salad, it is important to have hot meat (if you cook the cold breast, burn it on the outside and it remains raw on the inside) and not to dry it because it hardens and changes (not for the better) its taste and texture. . Now, how long you have to cook, I can't tell you exactly because it depends on the pan, the size of the chest, the power of the fire and so on. Basically about 8 minutes. Most certainly, if you plan to cook more breasts, do one test and time, in the next ones you will know exactly what you have to do.

There is also the option of baking the duck breast and not soiling the kitchen. Or start frying it on the fire and finish it in the oven. All are good recipes or not, according to everyone's taste. The above seems to me the simplest, with the best result.

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the fish is not to my liking, but this method of preparation caught my eye. I'm going shopping tonight :). thanks for the idea!

Allessia trout is very easy, I say try :). Kiss you !

when do you have time to prepare all these goodies ??
I don't kill myself with fish, but since I saw how you cook it I started eating & # 8230
many kisses

Vera I cook every day but in smaller portions & # 8230 I make soup more but now if it's hot I make soups less often:) & # 8230I like fish very much I would advise you to try sea bream (I have a recipe Sea bream under salt crust), in Romania it is not so well known but it is found everywhere. Kiss you and get to work!

it looks very good and it is a very good idea not to fill the house with smell, I would also like to find out the recipe for sea bream in salt crust. It is one of the fish I like. we always buy

The star recipe for sea bream in the salt crust can be found in the recipes with fish, seafood.

I am a beginner but I love my wife and I want to surprise her tonight with a pangasius with & # 8230 & # 8230 .. WHAT TRIM AND HOW IT IS MADE.
I'm a beginner (I think it's the third time & # 8230)

With vegetables, rice, potatoes & # 8230 you can find in fish recipes if you read them :).

Fried trout in a pan

Even if the window of opportunity occasioned by the holiday known to the right people The Good News closed, fish in general (trout in particular) remains one of my favorite foods. Although the cooking options seem to be limited, it is only an appearance. trout it can be prepared in the oven, on the grill (with wood, charcoal or even electric), in a grill pan or even boiled in cream. You can also make soup or borscht from it. Not to mention the brine.

A wonderful one trout soup I ate at the Cheița Trout Farm, as you exit Bicaz towards Lacu Roșu, on the left. The following:

Smoked trout is an ideal ingredient in a potato salad, or you can prepare a spreadable paste to lick on your fingers. I left behind the traditional version of trout in the pan. In the form of slices (if large) or whole (200 - 250 g), rolled in flour / corn / breadcrumbs and then fried in oil until golden and crispy, it is delicious! Especially if it is accompanied by proper watering. I would recommend a Zghihară de Huși, a white, dry wine, only good if it is cooled properly (10 - 12 ˚C) and you are not tempted to make a splash out of it.

Although it is the same, fried trout in a pan sounds better than "trout fried in oil”, But it gives better to PR, on the grounds of healthy food, without fats, without fried foods, without calories. If you are already salivating, read on…

What do you need for 3 servings?

  • 3 trout of 200 - 250 g piece
  • 200 - 250 mL sunflower oil (for frying)
  • 75 g white flour
  • 75 g cornmeal (in addition to the one you put polenta with)
  • ½ lemon - just juice
  • a handful of arugula leaves (for decoration)
  • salt and pepper (both freshly ground) - to taste.

How do you proceed?

First get trout: you buy them from the fishmonger's, trout farm, supermarket, or you fish them yourself (with a fishing permit aimed at the day and outside the prohibition period).

In the second worst case (the first most unfavorable is the one where you go fishing and don't catch anything, and on the way back, through the care of the party and the government all the shops are closed and you also get a fine for what you are looking for). on the street at this time & # 8221, no matter whether you have Basque or not), the fish must be stunned, gutted, washed, desolated and washed again (this time, following the order of operations is desirable).

I burned most of the stages, in the supermarket the fish was already gutted, refrigerated and encased. All that was needed was desoldering, washing, draining and drying (inside - outside) with absorbent towels.

Sprinkle the fish with lemon juice, which you take care to spread everywhere, except on the work table or on the kitchen walls. Let the trout interact with it for about 5-10 minutes. Season (inside - outside) with salt and pepper.

While the citric acid (E 330) in the lemon juice is frying the fish, mix the white flour with the yellow cornstarch and heat the oil in a large pan over medium heat.

Roll the trout one at a time through the flour mixture, making sure that they cover the entire outer surface of the fish as evenly as possible.

Then line the fish in the pan with hot oil and wait for it to brown. This wait does not last more than 5-6 minutes.

Now you can turn the fish on the opposite side, without crushing them, without detaching the skin from them and, especially, without spraying with hot oil the more or less close vicinity of the pan. That is, if you ever want to be allowed to approach the cooking machine for purposes other than cleaning and polishing it.

Let the fish fly through the pan (this is a poetic license and should not be taken ad litteram) another 4-5 minutes, after which they are taken out in the same order in which you put them in the semi-oil bath, they drain well and they are placed on a hot plate or directly in the serving plates.

If you do not serve them immediately, cover the plate with fried trout with aluminum foil and wrap it in a clean, dry kitchen towel. You do this thing to keep them warm until you start devouring them. Okay, they will still get cold, because the laws of heat transfer are still in force, but the heat loss in the environment will be considerably reduced.

It can be served in a classic-conservative style, with polenta and garlic sauce, or semi-classic with modernist trends, on an arugula bed and replacing polenta with polenta, and the sauce with yogurt sauce with garlic. If you want to be even cooler than that, replace the trout with trout.

Ingredients Baked trout & # 8211 step by step recipe

  • 2 trout of 300-350 grams each, weighed after evisceration and removal of the spine
  • salt to taste
  • ground black pepper to taste
  • 1 small clove of garlic
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1/2 teaspoon sweet paprika
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil


Baked trout & # 8211 step by step recipe, preparing the trout

1. This time, I was so lucky that I found trout ready at the Selgros fishery & # 8230 now I have a moment of deadlock, realizing that there is no term for "butterflied" in Romanian, that I just can't say "Flutter" and not "flutter". Finally, the trout untied like a butterfly, by removing the spine and the ribs that cling to it. Even though, yes, I had enough tweezers to remove with the tweezers, because my husband would not touch the fish if he only suspected the imminence of discovering a small bone.

2. If you are not as lucky, ask the seller to do this for you. And if that's not possible either, then you can follow the trout threading tips from recipe for baked trout rolls (click on the link) trying to keep the fillets attached & # 8211 or not & # 8211, because the dish comes out just as well with the fish split into two fillets, not just with it unfolded like a butterfly.

Baked trout & # 8211 step by step recipe, seasoning and baking

1. Switch on the oven and set it to the grill function at 230 ° C. Once you have the trout either untied like butterflies or threaded, dab them with absorbent kitchen towels to remove excess moisture. Season on the side with the meat with salt, pepper, dried thyme, grate the garlic on the small grater (all over) and sprinkle with the paprika.

2. After seasoning them on the meat side, sprinkle them with ½ of the amount of olive oil and place them, with the seasoning side (the meat side), in the oven tray, previously spread with baking paper. Be careful, it must be a type of baking paper that can withstand high temperatures, not one that only goes up to 180 ° C! Season with salt, ground black pepper, thyme and paprika and sprinkle with olive oil on the side of the skin, now exposed.

Cooking (baking) the trout in the oven

1. Once the oven is heated to 230 ° C, place the trout tray in the oven in the upper half. Not on the top rail, but on the next one.

2. Bake the trout at 230 ° C, grill function, for 15 minutes. During this time we do not need to return them. Basically, only the skin will be exposed to direct heat, and the meat will cook delicately underneath it. Eventually, only if you want, once, about halfway through the cooking time, you can gently grease the skin with the oil that will drain from the fish, using a brush. At the end of the 15 minutes, wonderful trout in the oven, fragrant and with crisp, dreamy skin!


This baked trout is served immediately, along with your favorite garnish and sauces or salads of your choice. We chose to serve it with polenta (click for polenta video recipe) and a very simple sauce. The sauce, in fact, is a kind of weak mujdei. I made it from 1 clove of garlic, 1 tablespoon chopped green parsley, finely grated yellow juice and peel of lemon ½, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 4 tablespoons cold water and 1 pinch of salt, all given together in the blender. It was actually delicious!

So we enjoyed a delicious meal, made in a very short time. Great appetite!

Fried Guvides - Recipes

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Styria & # 039s traditional fried chicken salate with pumpkin seed oil

Fried salmon

For the first time when I buy salmon (but I didn't pay for it :)), for a more special occasion. Of course, in front of a fine and quite expensive product, I was left with a lot of inspiration. simple.

  • 1 piece of salmon fillet
  • salt, white pepper
  • aromatic herbs (optional)
  • lemon juice
  • oil and / or butter

Wipe the piece of fillet with a dry napkin, then cut it into slices about 3 cm. Season with salt, pepper, herbs and a little lemon juice. We fry them in a pan in which we put half oil, half butter. It's done quickly, in a few minutes.

I served it with a cream and garlic sauce. It's delicious, I think I would eat it every day.

It can also be baked in the oven, but in a later episode :).

For daily recipe recommendations, you can also find me on the Facebook page, on Youtube, on Pinterest and on Instagram. I invite you to like, subscribe and follow. Also, the group Let's cook with Amalia is waiting for you for exchanges of recipes and experiences in the kitchen.

If you like it, share it with your friends!

The denomination & # 8222Krapfen & # 8221 means a group of fried pastry, made of dough (for donuts).


500g flour
1 sachet of dry yeast Dr. Qetker
1 or
60g butter
35g old
250 ml of warm water
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
Grated peel of 1 orange
7g salt

Frying oil
Powdered sugar for powdering donuts

Method of preparation:
Put the flour in a bowl and mix it with the sachet of dry yeast, then let this mixture rest for 15 minutes.

Put flour mixed with yeast in a larger bowl, pour over the flour 125ml of water (from the total amount of water needed which is 250ml), add the chopped butter, caster sugar, vanilla sugar sachet, egg, grated orange peel, and the dough, after which we mix until the dough takes on consistency.

Over the formed dough, pour the other amount of water needed, 125ml, and start kneading well of the whole dough until we bring it back to a consistent shape.

If the dough is too sticky, add more flour (I added 75g of flour) and knead until you get a thick dough, but not very thick, hard. after that the dough is well kneaded (it took me about 20-25 minutes to knead the process by hand), cover the dough with a towel and let it rest for 30 minutes in a warm place.

After 30 minutes the dough rose.

Knead the work surface well, pour the dough on it and spread it in a 1.5 cm thick sheet.

After we have spread the sheet of dough, with the sharpener of a round shape with a diameter of about 8cm (it can be a cup, a glass), we cut circles. The dough around the circles, we gather it, we gather it in a ball that we knead a little, so that it becomes homogeneous and we stretch again a sheet from which we can cut some other donuts.

Leave the donuts to rise for 2 hours to double in volume.

After 2 hours, the donuts have doubled in volume and are ready to fry.

In a deep frying pan, or in a saucepan, heat the oil.

When the oil is hot enough, take a donut with a spatula (not by hand, because it would be good for the surface of the donuts to remain untouched, smooth) and fry it in the pan.

If the donut stays on the surface and does not leave at the bottom, then the donuts are ready to be fried, if not, we must leave them to rise.

After the donuts turn golden, we turn them on the other side, using a fork.

When they are browned enough on both sides (be careful that they brown very quickly, you burn them and the flame is not at maximum), we take them out on the absorbent napkins to drain the excess oil, then we powder them with sugar. powder if we serve them. They are absolutely gorgeous. The donuts are very fluffy, they melt in your mouth.