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Congressman Steals, Drinks From Pope Francis’ Water Glass

Congressman Steals, Drinks From Pope Francis’ Water Glass

Pennsylvania congressman made off with the pope’s water glass

Wikimedia/Pope Francis

Pennsylvania congressman Bob Brady made off with Pope Francis' leftover water and drank it.

Not all water touched by the Pope automatically becomes holy, but one United States congressman did not care last week when he saw an opportunity to steal a glass used by Pope Francis, and he took it.

According to CNN, Pope Francis used the water glass in question during his speech to Congress on Thursday, September 24. When the Pope’s speech was complete, Representative Bob Brady made his move. The Pennsylvania congressman snagged the glass and its contents and took it back to his office, where he used the water in the glass to bless himself, his wife, and two members of his staff. They also drank some.

The congressman’s staff confirmed that happened.

"I saw the Pope drinking out of it three or four times and I thought it would be a great idea ... for me to have something of a remembrance of Pope Francis," Brady told CNN. "I just saw the glass, I walked up and picked it up and kept it."

Brady said he’s asked the House to bill him for the glass, and says he’ll give it back to the Pope if he wants it. If the Pope does not ask for it back, Brady says he’s keeping it as a souvenir and plans to pass it on to his grandchildren as a family heirloom. He’s already poured the water into a separate bottle, and he plans on using it to bless his grandchildren later.

"I'm sure it's blessed if the Pope drank out of it. Why not?" Brady said. "If not, I'm saying it is."